From Sr. Leopoldo, Mayor of Santa Cruz Municipality, Galapagos Islands (English translation)

To Whom it May Concern,

Galapagos ICE, a non-profit organization that supports health and education in the Galápagos, has worked alongside the Santa Cruz Municipal Government since the signing of an agreement of collaboration for 2005-2006 (2008-now). Since this time, Galapagos ICE has continuously offered workshops and training seminars for the public, and coordinated volunteer work for the health and education sectors.

Galapagos ICE continues to work with the Municipality, the Directorate of Tourism, the Directorate of Education, and is intimately involved in conservation and education projects in the highland town of Santa Rosa. Galapagos ICE has placed English-as-a-Second-Language teachers in the town of Santa Rosa, and in local schools. Because of this, English preparedness has increased in both the schools and the community. They have also trained municipality staff with computer training that has greatly increased their ability to work productively.

We have also worked together with Galapagos ICE to improve health care in the Galapagos. Galapagos ICE has worked with the Directorate of Health by supplying vital volunteers who have shared their expertise on nutrition, HIV/AIDS, first aid, and sex education for high school students.

Emily Pozo, the President of Galapagos ICE, is a person who has not only gained respect from those who have worked with her on her many projects, but also from the Galapagos community generally.

For this reason we appreciate Ms. Pozo’s efforts with Galapagos ICE, and hope to continue working together for a better Galápagos, a sustainable Galápagos.


Leopoldo Bucheli Mora
Mayor, Santa Cruz Municipality

From Angel Arias Montalvo, the President of Santa Rosa Municipality, Galapagos Islands(English translation)

Santa Rosa,
Mrs. Emily Pozo
Galapagos ICE Foundation

By my considerations

Dear Friend:

The present has the purpose of sending you a warm greeting, at the same time on behalf of the whole community of the Santa Rosa Parish (community), would like to express our most sincere appreciation for your permanent support to the Community since its start in 2005, and before this Administration we would like to especially thank you for your support with the Santa Rosa EcoTourism Development Project.

Concerning: training, donation of materials for the art workshop, manual labor (painting the Community Center), technical assistance, and support to DELIA IBARRA DE VELASCO School, etc.

All of this has contributed to the integral development of our community, allowing us to make some of our goals a reality, and it is because of your Organization (Galapagos ICE), which is one of very few that work daily for the communities in need in our Islands, always look for sustainable development in the Galapagos.

Finally, I would like to reiterate our sincere appreciation, and that our commitment to work together looking for a better future will continue as it has until now.

I send sincere consideration and high esteem.

Angel Arias Montalvo

From Miguel Moncayo, Director of Delia Ibarra Elementary School, Santa Rosa(English translation)

Santa Rosa,

By my considerations I express to your distinguished representative an affectionate salutation and that God illuminates all of your activities in the education sector in the town of Santa Rosa; it’s a pleasure to thank GALAPAGOS ICE for its unconditional support to the Elementary School “Delia Ibarra de Velasco” in which they have helped us with the following:

1. Maintenance of all of the school rooms by the purchase of paint.
2. Helping in the completion of the Computer Lab by paying for a laborer to place ceramic on the floors.
3. Changing a roof of a school room that is 9 meters by 6 meters
4. Painting and fixing 30 desks.
5. Donating physical maps of America.
6. Painting of the basketball court as well as lines on the court.
7. Fixing of the basketball hoops.
8. They have also donated education materials.
9. We’ve received six international volunteers in the area of English that have lived in the school.

This and much more has been collaborated by Galapagos ICE with the hope to give a better image to the tourists and the community.

I am convinced that we will continue to collaborating because the education daily changes to a more affectionate, responsible and caring atmosphere.
Miguel Moncayo
Director, Delia Ibarra

From the Santa Cruz County Health Council, Galapagos Islands (English translation)
Puerto Ayora,


By means of those present I want to certify that Mrs. Emily Pozo, administrative representative from the Galapagos ICE Foundation, has collaborated actively with the Santa Cruz County Health Council-Galapagos by supporting with human resources such as international volunteers that have helped in activities, such as community health promotion and technical assistance in various areas in health, such as educational talks about health to the students at Elementary Schools and High Schools in the community, Art Therapy to children and adolescents with disabilities, etc.

The County Health Plan was able to complete many of their proposed goals thanks to the gracious contributions by Mrs. Emily Pozo.

Everything commented I say with the honored truth.


Master Elisa F. de Pesantes
Former Director of the County Health Council
Santa Cruz-Galapagos

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