Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles has many elements for a better quality of life which include: healthy eating, exercise, alcohol consumption control, no smoking, no drugs, sleeping well, stress management, and a violence free atmosphere.  In the past Galapagos ICE only worked with two of these elements but believe for a healthier society and environment it is important to touch on all elements of a healthy lifestyle.

Emily Pozo, Director of Galapagos ICE, and Daniel Montalvo, Producer.

TV Program: Ponte En Forma  Starting May 8, 2013 Galapagos ICE started their own TV Program Ponte En Forma: Healthy Lifestyles.  The program is a half an hour program every Wednesday on a local TV Channel with topics relating to healthy lifestyles.

History: Ponte En Forma, or Get Fit, has evolved and grown over time. Get Fit started in 2008 by Mauricio Pozo, Emily’s late husband, with nutrition advice, aerobics, and hypertension and diabetes screening. Since then we’ve screened more than 3000 people. Healthy eating and exercise are the most important prevention tools one can use for Diabetes and Hypertension Prevention. Galapagos ICE has different programs within Ponte en Forma which also include healthy eating and exercise programs that works directly with the Ministry of Sports. Read about the Dietary Situation in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, written by Galapagos ICE Nutrition Consultant Aglaee Jacobs.

GICE Nutrition Consultant Aglaee Jacobs and Local Susydu Bakery owner GICE Dietitian Consultant, Aglaee Jacob, working with local Susydu Baker to offer healthier options.

We have worked with restaurants to develop Get Fit approved meal choices that are portion controlled and include fruit and vegetables, at Isla Grill and at IlGiardino.

Get Fit

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