ESL Teacher Training

Galapagos ICE aimed to empower the local teachers to teach English successfully. This strategy not only creates a meaningful sense of fulfillment and achievement within the community, but also enhances the sustainability of English instruction on the Islands. We believe that the locals should be able to take charge of their own advancement rather than perpetuating a worldview of themselves as solely recipients of aid. To understand more about the current lack of training for teachers in the Galapagos Islands and the context in which our volunteers work, please read this Teacher Training Assessment, prepared by one of our volunteers.

Teacher training workshops focus on the methodology and theory of teaching, in particular in relation to teaching English.An overarching goal of the workshops is to show how to use the strategies being discussed by implementing them in real-world situations.


ESL teacher Emily Law works with local ESL Teachers.

One of our volunteers, Prudence Ingerman, a Senior Instructor and Curriculum Coordinator in the Intensive English Program at Juniata College in Pennsylvania, USA, conducted an assessment and provided us with some ESL Assessment of Teacher Training for how volunteer ESL teachers can help.

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