Immerse yourself within the Galapagos community; Connect with local residents; Evolve as a result of your shared work.

The Galapagos Islands are rich with volunteering opportunities, but Galapagos ICE was one of very few organizations which offered a range of opportunities to contribute to the people of the Islands, helping develop sustainable, health and education services.

Volunteers from Carolina Friends School.

Volunteers from Carolina Friends School.

At Galapagos ICE we work across a range of projects striving to address the harsh realities of life in the islands, for the residents. We encouraged our volunteers to Immerse themselves in the culture of the Islands, Connect with the people and ultimately graduate with a sense of having personally Evolved, leaving the Galapagos richer for the experience and with a sense of connection with the people who inhabit these islands. Taking a personalized approach to learning about your skills, talents and interests, Galapagos ICE strives to connect you with the local communities and individuals who need your abilities.

Thank you to our more than 500 volunteers from more than 20 countries, Galapagos ICE was able to connect with the local community and in turn helped them evolve.

(Thank you for visiting out website, but Galapagos ICE is closed)

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