About Us

GICE Volunteer Stina Burvall giving exercise advice to locals.

GICE Volunteer Stina Burvall giving exercise advice to locals.

Galapagos ICE (Immerse – Connect – Evolve) was a US 501(c)(3) international charity that is dedicated to improving education and healthcare for residents of the Galapagos Islands, and to actively involve the Galapagos community in efforts to preserve the natural wonders of the Islands.

Designated as the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, The Galapagos Archipelago was officially declared an Endangered Site in 2007. Galapagos ICE believes that poor economic conditions for Galapagos residents and lack of basic social services such as education and healthcare function as silent accomplices in the ecological deterioration of the Islands. It is a difficult matter to ask Galapagos residents to make sacrifices for the environment when their own economic, educational, and medical resources are so dire. Galapagos ICE Organization endeavors to help accomplish sustainable development in the Galapagos Islands by empowering local residents to take control of their own futures, which are inextricably entwined with the future of the fragile Galapagos ecology.

We pursue this goal through a variety of projects that are accomplished through the generous contributions of volunteers from all over the world.

Galapagos ICE closed in 2014 due to a family tragedy.  The Founder, President and Executive Director Emily Caldwell (Pozo) is now the Executive Director of Education Equals Hope, a nonprofit organization that educates children in desperate and difficult places around the world.  For more information about the non-profit and how to help visit: www.educationequalshope.org.  Or email Emily at: emily@educationequalshope.org.

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